Your Wish Is Our Command


You don't have to be born a Sultan to wish you had a beautiful website that

  • generates leads,

  • gets found on Google, and

  • that showcases your services and social media. 

Consider us your personal "marketing genies" that want to make your entrepreneurial dreams come true. 

Get A Beautiful Custom Website

We are entrepreneurs. We know what it's like to struggle, to hustle, to just need a little help to get things off the ground.

Our whole team comes from entrepreneurial families, and it really is our motivation every day to see small businesses succeed. 


So what are your options? 

1. You can DIY your own website - but maybe you don’t like spending hours perfecting every paragraph, waiting for things to load, trying to find copy-right free media, and second guessing yourself.

2. Hiring an agency is usually a lot of work, PLUS a lot of money!  You have so many meetings, constant emails back and forth, and can spend thousands of dollars before you get what you want. We love entrepreneurs too much to put them through all that. 

FINALLY! There is an affordable way for start-ups and solo-preneurs to establish a professional and effective website without selling a kidney, or worse, wasting any more of your valuable time.

Before you spend months building a site that is out of date by the time it launches - call us. 


Here’s how it works: 

One price. Two weeks. Launch your site and get back to work!

For a one-time cost of only $700 and a 6 month contract, (payment options available) we will consult with you, build, and launch your website in 2 weeks.

Read more below, or get started now.

  • One 3 page website that includes: 

    • About pages

    • Beautiful photos or video

    • Featured Social Media & links

    • A blog

    • Pop-up for email lead generation

  • Search Engine Optimization including:

    • custom key-word analysis

    • short & long-tail key word use

    • Google analytics and Google Business linking

  • Two consulting sessions to define your dream online brand:

    • We get clear on fonts, colors, logos

    • We examine your top 3 competitors and influences 

    • We bring you layouts and concepts for feedback

Let Us Be

Your Web-Team

Your success means we're a success!

Even though this web-design package is budget friendly, we don't cut corners. 

We take time with the details, because we want to be proud of our work, too. 

That's also why we help you maintain it and update it monthly.

Your Wish-A-Site package comes with 6 months of discounted consulting and support services to ensure your success.

When we build a site for a new client, we want to ensure their success. Just like when you rent an apartment, if something happens, you call somebody to help.


For $199 a month, (let’s face it, that’s one or two unnecessary trips to Target), you get:

  • Ongoing maintenance for tech glitches and software changes

  • Hosting Fees (what keeps your website online and live), automatic back-ups, SSL licence

  • Monthly Consult with our brand managers. This is a non-negotiable call, once a month, to look at your website analytics, current trends, and suggested changes or updates that can help you grow.


This is also YOUR time to bring us new photos, products, and ideas to be added, so that each month your site is fully up to date, and you are proud to advertise it to the world.

  • A Team, someone who knows your company, and will take your call when you need them.  

Are You Ready For a Website?

Let's make your wish come true.

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