What's New on Facebook? June 2020

Updated: 5 days ago

Hey Business Owners and Marketing People, here's some NEW news you can use! We hope.

There have been several updates to policy and therefore, algorithm preference on Facebook in the last few weeks.

Keep reading below for all of the details to keep Facebook, and your marketing funnel, happy and healthy in a Covid-19 and social justice centric world.

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Captain Morgen

1. New Non-Discrimination Policy

Facebook requires advertisers to agree to their non-discrimination policy that restricts ads from discriminating against people based on attributes like race, religion, and sexual orientation. (Facebook has extra limits on ads related to housing, employment, and credit.)

NEW: This policy has been in effect for some time, but due to recent events in society, users may see a pop-up request from Facebook asking them to reconfirm their agreement to said terms.

✅Check to make sure all language and emojis used by your business are politically correct to avoid getting less traffic.

2. New Controversial Ad Policy

All ads promoting medical masks have been temporarily banned in an effort to fight against price gouging, scams, misinformation, and medical supply shortages during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The one exception to this ban is for masks that are for purely fashion purposes.

✅Check to make sure if you ARE promoting something mask-related that it is free, or ask for a personal review of your promotion by Facebook.

3. New Off-Facebook Activity Feature

The “Off-Facebook Activity” feature allows users to review a summary of the data Facebook receives about their online activity on other websites and apps. This is the data Facebook uses to target ads to you and others.

NEW: There is an option to disconnect this data from the user account. This gives users the ability to control whether or not ads are targeted specifically to them and their known interests.

If you need more help with your Facebook marketing plan, please reach out! We're always happy to talk business.

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