3 Steps to Market Yourself as The Product You Want to Be: by Morgen Reynolds, Founder, Beyond The Trend

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Step 1: Packaging - Are you someone an employer would pick off the shelf?

Social Media Profiles: Update all your profiles to have a similar, professional profile picture. You can make it the same across the board, or slightly different, but your public image needs to be clear, friendly, and trustworthy. Someone employers will feel good about having in their organization.

Morgen Reynolds Beyond The Trend Marketing Agency Owner
Morgen Reynolds, Social Media Pro Pic

Job Titles: Titles may not matter much where you currently work, but they MIGHT matter on your resume when you are applying for your next position.

Read through job postings in your industry - what do other people with your job description call themselves at their organization? Even if your organization has different titles, or less emphasis on them, it might be worth discussing with your boss the possibility of creating a title for your role that will mean something to the next person looking to hire you, as well as the next person THEY hire for your position. (That’s VALUE you bring to your boss by helping them better structure their jobs and resources.)

Step 2: Contents - What’s in the box? What is the value that you bring as an employee?

Build Your Credibility: Social media is important, but on the chessboard of the internet, Google is Queen, and you don’t want an old college photo to put you in check. (wink, get it? Chess reference?) You want employers or clients to be able to trust you and your authority in your field, so make it easy for them.

Does your company have employee profiles on their website? Make sure to fill yours out completely and that it accurately describes what you contribute to your company.

Look for opportunities to get yourself on other pages, tagged in other profiles, interviewed or published by other people.

Example - We have a page on the Indian River County Chamber of Commerce website that comes up in a Google search for Beyond The Trend, marketing or Vero Beach.

Another example: agency owner, Morgen Reynolds had the opportunity to do an interview with an organization called Florida Virtual Entrepreneurs. Not only does this come up in search results, it is featured it on our agency website. Clients come into my office having read it, and they feel like they know me a little better.

Build Your Skill: Are you keeping up? Or moving ahead?

Stalk LinkedIn job postings. Read descriptions of next-level positions in your field of choice. What is the next step in your career that is most appealing to you? Then you can work backwards to see what skill sets and responsibilities those positions require. How can you start honing those skills at your current job?

Whether it’s asking your superiors for extra responsibilities, coming up with a creative suggestion to help your department and running point to make it happen, or just spending time researching and learning on the weekends to expand your industry knowledge, all those small things can really add up.

Dive Deeper on Social Media: What is your activity trail?

Beyond The Trend has acquired clients through Facebook groups and networking. When that happens, potential clients will check the activity history of Morgen, or the company in those groups.

That is why it's so important to be thoughtful about what you share on social media. It can be easy to get sucked into a comment chain and then forget about it. Those comments are still there. If you are promoting yourself in said group, people can click on your profile and see a complete history of your activity, so keep in mind the image you are building.

Step 3: Ship Yourself Where You Want To Go - Are you putting yourself out there?

Networking Works: Everyone says it, because it's true. Much of business happens because people like working with you. To like you, they have to meet you, know you, see examples of your work and what you do.

Always Update Your Resume: Spend time updating your resume, no matter how much you love your job. This helps you take stock of what you’re accomplishing and learning, so that you can explain that to others.

Find A Balance: Between excelling at your work, making time for new experiences, networking events like this, and self-care, there can be a lot to juggle as a young professional. Your health and energy are important to help you keep succeeding. You can make work-contacts in a variety of places, and creating a well-rounded life will help you connect with all kinds of people.

Keep A Digital Rolodex, Be Great At Follow Up. Start now. Use something like a free HubSpot CRM, or a personal email account where you can save and update your contacts for years to come. Find a day of the month to go through, send a quick email or text when you are thinking of someone. Share an article that may interest them, send them a contact they might appreciate, or just check in to see what they are doing these days.

Final Thought: Advancing your career is not just about what other people can do for you, but also about what you can do for them.

The most successful people try to bring added value to every relationship. Sometimes, you’ll see an immediate pay-off, sometimes it may take years.

But once people buy into you, and have a positive experience, then they will start marketing you to people THEY know! Now your package is shipping world wide!

These 3 steps - curating your professional package, developing your skills and substance, and then networking and building relationships, all add up so that you can bring that much more value to your current position, and future opportunities.

Good Luck, and happy Marketing!

~ Captain Morgen