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Updated: Dec 1, 2021

A few ideas to get your website holiday-ready for your customers.

We were asked this question on our Alignable profile

Marketers, how would you recommend that retailers and crafters update their website to maximize holiday sales?

As the holiday season approaches, many retailers, artisans, and crafters need to increase their sales online to make up for lost revenue. What should they do to their website or web presence to increase their sales?

Simple Answer: Yes. In a chestnut-nutshell, any updates to your web-presence will be better than none at all.

Try to put yourself in your customer's shoes...what are they thinking when they find you online? How do they find you in the first place? How do they know they can count on you for their holiday shopping?

When updates are done with intentionality, a few small things can create a large impact on consumer trust, retention, and conversion.

Tip 1: Talk about Availability & Shipping

Customers want to know that your website or selections on a platform like Etsy or Facebook are current, in stock, and will ship in time for Christmas.

What you can do:

  • Literally say, "This item is in stock now. Order by December_ for delivery by Dec. 24th." in every product description, and on the front of your site or profile. You can also add a little sticker or banner to the item's image to convey the same things.

  • Make sure to update as soon as a selection is out of stock to avoid disappointments

  • Consider offering gift-wrapping or expedited shipping and sharing that front and center.

For Example:

This Etsy shop has updated their description to include holiday deadlines for customized pieces and estimated shipping arrival dates.

Tip 2: Get Found in the Holiday Rush

The online space is always cramped at Christmas, but even more so this 2021 season with everyone more online than ever. Here are a few things you can do to make sure you're getting discovered and top of mind.

What you can do:

  • Try adding "Christmas Gifts" or "Christmas Gifts For..." in your metadata and product descriptions on your website. When people are searching, they are likely to put "gifts" in their search. Even get specific like, "Gifts for Dad, gifts under $20," etc.

  • Start posting NOW on your social media about what you have to offer for the holidays. Talk about how easy it is to buy from you, your special shipping and gifting options, and give lots of examples of how customers can give your products to others. Share to your personal stories and page with tags to your business page, and links to your website.

  • Consider running one or two really good ads on social media with a photo of your most popular product and a little holiday themed staging or banner.

Facebook Ad BTT created for client: Daily Horoscope Calendars: Available Now!

Tip 3: Make it look a lot like Christmas

Yes, it can seem like a lot of work for a short season. For our clients, we seriously recommend starting your Christmas web game-planning in June, and start acting on it in August.

(Once the fall "back to school" rush is over, it's right into Halloween, Thanksgiving, and then it's BLACK FRIDAY and the rush is on. It's never too late to do something, but the sooner you get started the better.)

The reason it's important to put some holiday themed graphics on your site, in your emails, and on your social media is it gives customers a sense of peace knowing that SOMEONE is on the other side of the internet acting in real time. Shopping online can be a little scary, and we all know we've been to websites for companies that are out of date, or worse, the company isn't active, but they never took down their site!

it gives customers a sense of peace knowing that SOMEONE is on the other side of the internet acting in real time.

So extend the olive branch - or in this case a yule log - to your online audience and show them you are a real person and ready to safely take their orders this December.

What you can do:

  • Add a new banner to your website, or to individual product photos saying, "This makes a great gift", or "all of our items can be gift wrapped", or "all holiday shipping free on orders over...."

  • Update images to a holiday theme, (not all, if it doesn't make sense, but a few)

  • Share a holiday related email or blog post

  • Update your social media for the season, and let your feed speak for itself

  • You can also create a new “Gifts” tab in your menu or a category featured on your site, and group easy gifting ideas together.

  • Even consider adding a little holiday flair to your logo - why not? Google does it.

For Example:

As you can see below, Anthropologie has updated the home page of their website with photos featuring some of their Christmas decor and home items.

Their website has always had a "Gifts" tab in their menu, but for Christmas, they've highlighted it in red and moved it to the very front for easy access.

They've even given their logo a little holiday upgrade!

Here's a look at how Amazon has updated their website for the holiday season - check out the snowflake banner and stocking stuffers guide on the home page.

They've also curated a gift guide with easy to shop sections. You can browse a variety of categories including electronics, fashion, toys, or shop by your price range.

As a rule of thumb, the more you can spell things out for your customers, the more sales you will get.

Talk to your web developer about a plan to “spruce up” for the holidays, or give our team a call! We’d love to make your Christmas wishes come true.


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