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Facebook Posting During Coronavirus Watch 2020

Updated: Aug 12

Public Service Announcement: The Facebook algorithm is set to "super sensitive" in order to flag “fake news” right now, so be let's be aware of what and HOW we share.

Read on for tips below.

How To Avoid A Facebook Flag:

If you see an article in your feed you want to share, do the following.

1. Click on it and actually read it. Does it call the virus a conspiracy? Is it from a well-known website? Is the URL of the article safe? (More on that HERE)

2. If you DO share the article, write your own description or caption so that FB can see the tone with which you are sharing. A few heart emojis, or a "I loved this" are enough to let the algorithm know you didn't just click "share" because everyone else did.

Why It Matters:

Facebook is a great tool for communication in times like these. None of us what our social media privilege suspended when we need to communicate with loved ones around the world, or get updates on our town from the safety of our homes.

The algorithm is only as good as it's last update, and FB's review team was probably already backed up from election news. We might not always be happy with social media, but it can be a fantastic tool in times like this. Let's be patient with technology, and stay connected!

FYI - here is the article I shared yesterday that FB tagged as "not fitting guidelines".

It's still on my FB, so when I marked "disagree with decision" it must have been ok.

Several of my friends had shared it, so I did too. It could have been the website, it could have been the content - maybe the guy in the article was breaking quarantine.

Either way - several other people I know got flagged for totally different articles in the last few days. So again, share with care.

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