Did You Know? Pinterest Has Ads.

Want to get your ads off Facebook or try another alternative? Try Pinterest ads for your business.

Can I run ads on Pinterest?

What is an alternative to Facebook ads? What are the best platforms for digital/social media ads?

If you’ve asked yourself or your marketing manager any of these questions recently, you are not alone.

How Many People Use Pinterest?

Pinterest has roughly 367 million active monthly users and it’s increasing month over month.

72% of Pinterest users are women.

83% of users make a purchase after seeing a brand's content on Pinterest.

The most pinned categories of 2019 were

  1. Travel

  2. Health & wellness

  3. Home DIY projects

  4. Fashion & beauty

  5. Food & drink

  6. Motivational quotes

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In an effort to keep up with big bro Facebook and lil sis Instagram, Pinterest is pushing their ad platform like never before. They’ve built up their internal ads teams and are actively searching for agencies to partner with. If you're looking for an alternative to the Zuckerberg platform options, Pinterest might be worth a look.

We met with the Pinterest agency team and they claim that more than DIY projects are getting high traffic and conversion on their platform.

Check it out for yourself, and if you ever want to chat about digital ad options, feel free to slide into our DMs! Or just call, text, email….you know.

Happy Marketing!

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