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Updated: Oct 21

Hard-working business owners and professionals: NONE of us have time to deal with an email hack! Or any hack for that matter.

Due to the global rise in online work and digital traffic for business, there has been a significant increase in cases of email and social media hacks - as well as database and web systems.

Even small scale entrepreneurs and personal accounts have been targeted and had phishing emails sent on their behalf, or had their inboxes shut down when a phony email is sent from them.

As always, Beyond The Trend is here to see businesses win, so we’ve put together some tips and services to help you take precautions now.

Virus Protection on Your Computer:

Those pop-ups to renew are annoying...but now there is actually a threat. No one has time to deal with a virus, so…

Option 1: Take 5 minutes and either re-up that virus protection software your computer came with, (for us, it’s McAfee).

Option 2: If you have Xfinity internet, download the free Norton Security software that comes with your plan. Check the bottom of your bill for your link and code. Or follow these directions to sign-up:

Internet Browsing Protection

We all log in now to every site we visit, or we stay logged in on our laptops and phones no matter where we go. If you are using wifi, you are susceptible to getting hacked.

Try one of these ideas to create more of a barrier between you and potential internet pirates.

Avoid Public Wifi:

There is a very high chance the public wifi you’re about to hop on to is not secure. In fact, public wifi is practically never secure and extremely easy for hackers to access you through.

If you must use public wifi consider these things:

  • Make sure the network is password protected

  • Avoid logging into your email or any account with sensitive information at all costs

  • Only visit sites that use HTTPS

  • Consider using a VPN (virtual private network)

  • Log out of your accounts and leave the wifi network when you’re done using it

The easiest solution to avoiding public wifi is opting for your smartphone’s mobile internet which, believe it or not, is much more secure than public wifi.

Read more about the risks of public wifi here:

Incognito Browsing:

How to: Incognito mode is private browsing that doesn't leave as many tracks. It can erase temporary data that is captured by the PC or device you're using. Deleting cookies — information saved on your web browser — is a great first step toward maintaining your privacy.

Read more about incognito browsing here:

A Safer Search:

Try “Duck Duck Go": an internet search engine that emphasizes protecting searchers' privacy and avoiding the filter bubble of personalized search results. DuckDuckGo distinguishes itself from other search engines by not profiling its users"


Email Safety:

According to an article by PhoenixNAP, a global IT services blog, “The latest Data Breach Investigations Report (DBIR) suggests that 66 percent of malware installed on breached networks come through email attachments. There is a decent chance that anyone who penetrates your email system might manage to steal passwords or any other sensitive data.”

Protecting your email is crucial.

Here are some best practices to keep your email secure:

  • Use strong, unique passwords

  • Use two-tier authentication

  • Look out for phishing emails

  • Don’t open attachments that come from unknown sources

  • Invest in antivirus and anti-malware email security software that will let you know when an email looks threatening

  • Only use your work email for work

  • Never use your email when on public wifi

  • Use a spam filter (check if your email host provides one, Gmail does a good job at moving unwanted emails to your spam folder)

  • Never click “unsubscribe” in a spam email

Read more about best email practices here:

Know What You’re Doing:

The more you know and can spot potential threats in advance, the better off you are.

Read this for 10 best-practices to stay safe online:

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