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Updated: 5 days ago

Google Updates for Local Business Owners and Customers: Support Small Business

If you are a business owner, you are probably losing track of all of the available updates to our favorite online platforms, especially regarding Covid-19.

Our team at Beyond The Trend is working hard to find all the latest info and gather it here on our website. This article will be updated in the next few days with Facebook and Instagram updates.

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Read on for the Google updates below!

How to use Google My Business and Google Maps to communicate with your customers about your services right now.

Google Maps

6 ways you can support local businesses with Google Maps

If you ARE a business owner, read these tips, and make sure you are making these options available to your customers. Log into your Google Business account to update info and activate special Covid-19 Google Business features.

If you are a CUSTOMER you can look up your favorite business in Google Maps and offer updates for the business, or support them by donating or buying a gift card through the new feature on your Google Maps app.

How to set up your business on Google Maps

Google Business

Google has quietly rolled out a total of four new functions that business owners can add to their listing.

  • Online Care

  • Online Appointment

  • Online Estimate

  • Online Classes

Click here to login and update your Google Business account to turn on these options.

Note - Our team did a quick search and tried to find local businesses who had activated this option to use as examples.

We could not find ANY doctors, lawyers, or gyms that had. (And then we needed to get back to work.)

Therefore, there is an opportunity in our area, and probably in yours, to get ahead of the pack and take action on this.

Turn on "Support Feature" on Google Business

Google Business has a new "Support" feature that you can activate as a business owner to solicit customers to either, "Donate", or "Buy Gift Card" with the click of a button right from their Google Maps app.

See examples below: Screenshots of Google Maps App on Mobile

Visit Google Support here to activate.

Our customers are checking the internet before they go out. Make your status and services easy to find, and confirm, before they have to call or drive to you.

Need Help?

Beyond The Trend offers an All Platform Package for business owners to update all of their media for Covid at once.

That package includes:

  • "Covid-19 Updates" banner on website (if applicable)

  • Google Business updates

  • Facebook updates

  • Corporate email (optional)

  • Corporate texting (optional)

We will activate and update any and all features you need us to, and once you are working with us, you can call, text, or email us any time with future changes.

Click Here to fill out a request form and we will call or email you ASAP with a quote. (All Covid-19 related services are discounted to the best of our ability to help our fellow business owners stay in business.)

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