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Covid-19 Facebook and Instagram Tools For Your Business

Updated: Oct 26

Instagram and Facebook Updates for Local Business Owners and Customers: Support Small Business

Read on for tips and updates from Instagram and Facebook for business owners and customers.

How to Use Instagram’s New Food Delivery, Gift Card, and Fundraiser Stickers

Businesses can now provide their customers with an easy way to purchase a gift card, order food, or donate right from their Instagram story or button on their profile.

How might you ask?

Well, to add any of the following stickers to your story:

Capture or select a photo for your story.

Swipe up to view the stickers tray.

Scroll until you find the gift card, food delivery, or fundraiser donation sticker you’re looking for.

Finally, pick a partner to work with! When a customer taps on your "Food Orders" button, they'll be taken to your partner's website where they can order the food from.

To add the "gift card" or "order food" button to your profile:

Go to your profile and tap “edit profile.”

Scroll down and tap “action buttons.”

Select either the "Gift Cards" or "Order Food" button.

Choose a partner to work with. Just like with the stickers, when someone taps your button to, for example, purchase a gift card, they will be directed to your partner’s website where they can purchase!

How to Use Instagram’s New "Support Small Business" Sticker

If you are a customer and want to show some support for your favorite local business, try using Instagram's new "Support Small Business" sticker. By adding this sticker to your story you not only give your followers a preview of the business's account, but your photo will also be added to a shared Instagram story that is displayed in your stories as well as your follower's stories.

In other words, when you use a "Support Small Business" sticker you help the business to reach potential new customers!

To feature a "Support Small Business" sticker for your favorite cafe up the street:

Take a photo of your beautifully crafted latte art on your IG Stories camera.

Swipe up to view the stickers tray.

Scroll until you find the “Support Small Business” sticker.

After you click the sticker, enter the name of the business, and select the correct profile that will populate at the bottom of your screen.

There you have it!

How to Use the New Facebook and Instagram Shop

Business owners can now create, curate, and customize their own e-commerce shops on Facebook and Instagram.

“We’re seeing a lot of businesses that never had online presences get online for the first time, and we’re seeing small businesses that had an online presence now make them their primary way of doing business,” Zuckerberg said during a livestream announcement.
“This isn’t going to make up for all of the lost business, but it can help. For lots of small businesses during this period, this is the difference between staying afloat and going under.”

Brands will be able to create a “shop” section on their profile and customize it with whatever accent colors, cover photos, and products they would like - and it’s completely free! This means that no matter your budget, anyone who wants to sell products online is now able to with ease and at no cost, while making it an easy and fun way for customers to shop without ever leaving their favorite social media apps.

Visitors can even save and share products, and ask questions by simply sending a message in Facebook messenger or any of Facebook’s other apps (Instagram Direct Message, WhatsApp).

In the future, Facebook hopes to introduce a “live” feature where brands can tag products while using Facebook Live to showcase a new lipstick, videogame, or whatever it may be. When customers tune in to the Facebook Live, the product will be linked at the bottom ready to be purchased.

Facebook also hopes to connect loyalty programs so that customers can easily keep track of points and rewards that they’re earning.


Need Help?

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