A Bit Of Goodness - Behind The Scenes of a Photoshoot

Updated: Jun 23

"It twas a week before quarantine, and at Beyond The Trend, the weather wasn't co-operating, and schedules wouldn't bend.

Up at dawn, out we drove with Dunkin in hand, to bribe a small child, and capture sun, surf, and sand.... "

The ending of that epic poem is in these epic photos.*

BEYOND thrilled that we squeezed in this photo-shoot for beautiful new client, Erin Lawler Patterson, "The Goodness Chick".

We wanted to celebrate the fact that Erin is not only an accomplished counselor with a long career of helping adults, families, and students, she is ALSO, a super cool surfing chick, a wife, a mom to 5-year-old Jack, and just finished a LITERAL trip around the world! The tales of those exploits will be featured in her 3rd book, coming to a store and Kindle near you, June 1st.

In the meantime, go read or listen to inspiring stories, interviews, and life reflections on Erin's pages:


Facebook Page


Erin even got to interview fellow surf-chick and inspirational icon, THE Bethany Hamilton! Special thank you Joe Semkow - the best land, air, and sea photographer I know - for being up early not once, but twice to catch this great light!

Erin, you are an inspiration, and we appreciate you asking us to help you share your work with the world.

With love and a digital hug,

Captain Morgen, Beyond The Trend

Client: Erin Lawler Patterson - The Goodness Chick (Like on FB)

Photographer: Joe Semkow - Inspire Kindess (Like on FB)

Marketing Team: Morgen Reynolds, Megan Boynton - Beyond The Trend

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*all photos copyright Beyond The Trend & Erin Lawler and subject to image use law.

Please contact for use and permission. thecaptain@beyonthetrend.com

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