5 Ways to Make Your Social Media More Effective for Your Business

Updated: Aug 23, 2021

Social media overwhelming? Here are 5 simple things you can do without a ton of planning or time to make your profiles more effective right away.

Hello business owners! It's your friendly neighborhood marketing agency here, Captain Morgen and the Crew at Beyond The Trend. We know social media is the hungry content monster that we all have a complicated love-hate relationship with, so we want to be here for you to help you tame the beast.

Social Media platforms are capitalist companies just like the rest of us, so they are always changing and evolving to try and make it more profitable for them...but we want to make it more profitable for you! Read on for our 5 fresh ways to make your social media work for your business - as of summer 2021. As always, if you'd like a deeper dive into social strategy, or a personal brand audit, we're here to help!



Every few corporate or informational posts from your brand, try to post a photo of real people, either within the company, or customers of the company, and share a personal story, anecdote, or milestone.

Remember, social media was created to help people “socialize” on the internet. FB, IG, especially are more likely to organically promote photos with faces, and people or images that other people can connect with.

Does it seem like more work? It is! Just like anything that helps grow your business, it either takes time to learn how to create quality, relevant content for your brand, or it takes an investment to hire a professional who can make it their focus for you.



Depending on the platform, posting several times a week, and when possible on the same days, is ideal. The social media algorithms reward consistency, again, like all aspects of business. (Are we beginning to see a pattern here?)

Depending on your business, there are some general best practices regarding days and times to post. You can find the best practices for your industry by simply Googling that information. For example, for B2B services, Mondays and Wednesdays either early or at lunchtime are considered the most active user times. For B2C brands, the highest user times are different.



It never hurts for all of us to be reminded to make sure that our social profiles are as up-to-date as possible.

a. Check all banner & cover images. Do they still represent your business? Is there something more timely, or fresh you could replace them with?

b. Utilize buttons and other platform options. The platforms appreciate it, and if your competition has an easy button for customers to call them, but you don’t….who’s missing out?

c. Update hours, contact information, and note closing for holidays. This lets customers know that someone is managing the page, and they are likely to get a response if they reach out to you.



People are searching more often by using key search terms on social media before they go to Google and other search engines. Does the name of your Facebook page, YouTube account, or Instagram include the TYPE of business/industry you’re in?

It should! For example, “Johnson and Sons” will not pop up at the top of a search on Facebook for plumbers. But if you just add your industry to the end of the name, then someone searching, "plumbing near me" will be able to find you! For example, “Johnson and Sons Plumbing” . It may not be a part of your business's official name, but all search algorithms are using keywords in titles to help their users find what they are looking for online.



Take advantage of the little short videos that are now an option on every platform, (Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, even Google.) You may not update your timeline posts that often, but take a moment and update your stories. They are gone in 24 hours, so it is not part of your brand's feed history for people to judge. It’s a way to keep the interaction going online and remind people that your business is here for them, whenever they need you.

They are gone in 24 hours, so they are not a part of your brand's feed history for people to judge. It’s a great way to keep the interaction going online, wake up your algorithm, and remind people that your business is here for them, however they end up finding you.


Remember, at the end of the day, social media is a tool, and just one piece of your marketing mix. It's not for every business to be on every platform, but it IS one more arrow in your arsenal to nab that customer as they are scrolling by.

Good luck, and good hunting!

~ Morgen


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