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5 Things You Can Do With Google My Business

Business owners - if you are not using Google Business as a free tool to help you grow, we personally feel you are missing out!

In the article below we have gathered information from credible leaders in the Google and SEO marketing space to help us all better understand, and utilize, Google Business.

If you are brand new to this feature - go here, and log in with your email, or set up an account to get started.

Google has revolutionized the way search works. Your business website is still a crucial ingredient in your marketing mix, but Google is making it easier every day for users to get what they’re looking for directly from a search results page, without even having to visit a website."

Your Google My Business will be the first thing customers experience when searching your business locally, and on mobile.

Fun Fact: Google Maps already knows your business address, and if searched, is pulling up that location's profile. If you don't customize it, customers might get blank information, or worse, someone else might try to claim it.

By setting up your Google My Business, you can shape the way your business looks in search results so that YOU control your customer's experience.

On a basic level Google My Business allows you to list:

✅Business Name

✅Physical Address

✅Hours of Operation

✅Customer Reviews

✅Photos and Videos

Here are 5 features Google has more recently added to

Google My Business:

1. Products

Feature your newest swimsuits, dog bowls, sneakers (or whatever you’re selling) directly on your Google My Business profile, and search users will be able to browse your product range without ever having to leave Google.

Highlight your current bestsellers, or organize your products into curated groups.

Products open up to their own page - providing searchers with prices, more details, related products, and a link to your website.

For example, "The Doggie Bag A Pet Boutique" is featuring one of their doggie dental chew bones.

2. Post to Google My Business

Google added a “Post” section in your GMB profile. By actively posting on your profile you not only create more ways for customers to engage with your business, but also strengthen your listing. You can also give really important information through these posts such as making announcements, creating events, or leaving a call to action with the call to action button.

3. Request a Quote

Businesses can turn on a messaging feature that allows search users to request a quote from your profile. Users will be asked to select a service type (generated from services the businesses have already given) a date, a time, and any additional details.

4. Questions and Answers

Search users are now able to ask and answer questions on your Google My Business listing.

Provide more information about your business or answer any frequently asked questions about your business by “asking” and “answering” questions on your own profile.

For example, if you answer that your bakery offers gluten-free baked goods, you have a much greater chance of showing up in search results when someone searches “gluten-free bakery near me.”

5. Booking

Add a “Book Online” button by signing up with one of Google’s approved scheduling providers and search users will be able to book appointments with you right from your Google listing. The “book online” button will automatically be added to your profile if you’re already working with one of Google’s approved scheduling providers.


If you'd like a more personal conversation about your business and how to pivot during these times, please reach out. We're always here to help.

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