5 Things Business Owners Can Do During a Quarantine

Updated: Aug 12

Hey, fellow business owners, it's Captain Morgen at Beyond The Trend.

If you are reading this sometime in the future, hopefully, you have entirely forgotten about this thing called COVID-19, (coronavirus), and the effect it had on our economy.

If you are reading this in the spring of 2020 however, then you might be just like me, a business owner feeling uncertain about what’s coming, and praying this will all blow over soon.

Meanwhile, I’d like to offer 5 ways to keep your company moving forward, while day-to-day operations may be slowing down.

Disclaimer: Above all else, take care of your health! Our economy needs our leaders, employers, and entrepreneurs at their best to get us through this. You can't help anyone else if you don't take care of yourself.

If you have additional suggestions, please share them with us in the comments!

1. Update your Google Business Profile

Update your Google Business profile. Make sure your business hours, phone numbers, and other information are correct. Also, try using the new “timeline post” feature, to share updates such as any extra precautions you are taking, or services you are providing for your clients during this time.

2. Send An Email - (people are reading)

Send an email to your clients letting them know if you ARE still open for business, and if so, are there any changes to the services, (i.e. taking meetings via phone or Skype rather than in person, or shipping options vs. pick-up at your store.)

3. Use Your Corporate Facebook

Use your company Facebook Page to show you are active and available for questions and services. People are being directed to look on social media for updates.

5 Things Business Owners Do During A Quarantine - Infographic

4. Use Auto Response Technology

Use technology to create auto-responses if you are NOT able to be available for all your clients' needs:

  • Set up auto-replies in Facebook Messenger - https://www.facebook.com/help/1615627532020480

  • Set up an “Out of Office” email reply, (it doesn’t have to say "out of office," it can say anything you feel is helpful).

  • Set up a phone message that explains your current business situation and how customers can interact with you.

5. Catch Up While Quarantined!

If your business IS having to slow down a bit during this time, this can be the opportunity for you to catch up on whatever you need to, like the administrative side of your business.

  • Accounting and Taxes. Now can be the time you finally update your financial ledgers, organize your taxes, or request extensions, if you feel you need it.

Here are some tools if you are not already using them:




  • Accounts Receivable. If you have outstanding invoices, try sending a nice email to those customers and suggest that since there is a little more down-time, you’d like to get their account squared away.

  • Marketing Strategy. If your day-to-day has slowed down, or will in the near future, block out one afternoon to work on your company marketing strategy. Is it time for something fresh? Is there a new audience or demographic who could benefit from your services? Do you have a plan to scale your sales in the next 2 years?

Start by creating a new Google Doc and type out your goals - OR use our cute and handy Business Goal Template. (download below)

On a personal note, I am protecting my health as much as possible, but as a Digital Agency, we are open for business.

We are currently helping our clients communicate with their customers, as well as prepping marketing strategies for the future.

If we can help you and your business, please reach out. We all need to support each other during these challenges, and we'd be happy to keep you moving forward in any way possible.

~ Morgen Reynolds

Founder/Brand Producer, Beyond The Trend

email: TheCaptain@beyondthetrend.com

phone: 772-999-6045

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