Morgen Reynolds

"The Captain"

Founder & 8 year marketing veteran.

Born into a family of entrepreneurs, Morgen majored in Business Management with an emphasis in Marketing and International Business. 

Home for the summer in Chicago, she worked through college in sales, and has a unique perspective on the selling conversation, the language, and the customer-experience side of marketing. 

Her senior summer of college, Morgen ran her own sales branch-office where she had a crash course in hiring, training, and equipping a sales team that rose to #11 new office nation-wide. 


After spending several years as a business consultant, she went back to her marketing training, jumped on the Twitter trend, learned to build websites, and never looked back. 


Morgen married her soldier-turned journalist husband, and moved to Florida in 2013, settling in Vero Beach in 2016.


She opened Beyond The Trend in downtown Vero in 2017 and has been working hard to help businesses locally and globally, get online and market their business ever since. 

“Every business is its owner's baby. We've worked with a lot of businesses, so we can be objective.

We can streamline marketing plans to align with immediate needs, as well as long term goals.


I can sleep at night, because I know I’m my client’s partner, not just selling them a service."


-when asked why she is passionate about her work.

Sadie Pagano

Media Manager and Lead Web Developer


Originally from the Virgin Islands, Sadie’s family immigrated to Florida at a young age, and that mentality of working hard for the American dream drove her to personal success as an award-winning writer and podcaster before she joined the Beyond The Trend agency in the fall of 2018. 


Sadie’s role with the agency has grown along with her skill set, and she was promoted from Copy Writer and Editor to Media Manager, and Lead Web Developer. 


A mother of one, and recently married, Sadie has deep roots in the Indian River community and is an asset to clients trying to navigate the local market. 

"In a time when everyone knows someone who "does marketing", it's really refreshing to work for an agency that goes beyond posting a cute pic, and really pushes to understand the tech side of marketing and can optimize a client's advertising efforts. Every website, every bot, every social media plan uses better technology than the last."

-— When asked why she's passionate about her work.

Megan Boynton

Social Media Specialist


Graduating in 2018 with a degree in Fashion Marketing and Management, having interned in New York City and studying in Hong Kong, Megan decided to leave the North East and her home state of Maine, to try life in Florida.

Her polite persistence and follow-through are what made Morgen agree to hire her on a trial basis at Beyond the Trend. In a few short months, Megan was able to become a full-time asset to the team. 

As the youngest member of the agency and the most Instagram likes, Megan brings a fresh and youthful perspective to client projects. She is the Social Media Specialist, creating copy and media for clients to communicate with their audience. 

"I love the positive environment and collaboration at Beyond The Trend. No two days are the same, we’re always doing something different, we’re always creating, and we’re always learning. Not only are we helping our clients, but I think they usually leave feeling encouraged too."


-when asked why she is passionate about her work.

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