Heaven's To Betsy

Natural, Local, Decadent Jams and Honey

Betsy Birkich is an entrepreneur with a long career in editorial marketing. After her raising 3 kids and sending them off to college, she decided to shift gears and start something to feed her soul, and others.  Thus, Heaven's To Betsy Spoonfruit and Honey was born.

 Betsy met Captain Morgen though another client, and offered to lend her expertise to a photo-shoot. The two Chicago women worked so well together, they have kept their collaborations going ever since.


Morgen is thrilled to continue to work on Heaven's to Betsy's web-presence and social media strategy, and use Betsy's practiced eye for photography and visual elements.

Their most recent collaboration put Betsy behind the camera to update her pro pics, and film her first YouTube video. 

Be sure to watch, and mix your own Heavenly beverage with the ladies by Clicking Here

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